Hi I'm Renée

I help individuals, soulpreneurs and business leaders find their authenticity and soul’s purpose through coaching, meditation and personal branding.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

- Steve Jobs


Using spiritual practices and mind-body strategies
to find your authentic self, create healthier mindsets,
and live a life you love.

I love creating meditations that elevate someone's
awareness of themselves and find more freedom in their lives.
To cultivate self compassion, healing, insight
and empowerment.



My meditations have helped thousands of people sleep. Our world is facing so much uncertainty and heightened levels of anxiety. If you having trouble sleeping you are in good company. Try 10 Rituals for a Blissful Sleep and learn how you can use your body's energy centers, also known as your chakras, to surrender to sleep.


Many of us feel trapped, powerless or the victims of situations we cannot control. But life is creation in action, and we are a part of this happening all of the time. Our thoughts and feelings shape our lives, and when we focus our energy and intention - we can accomplish amazing things. The world needs us now, let us all step into our power and see what we are capable of.


I was interested in trying meditation and hypnotherapy to help me manage my anxiety and to give myself an alternative, yet productive way of getting through a difficult time. As soon as I started communicating with Renee to set up my first appointment, I knew I was in the right hands.

Renee is intuitive, spiritual, gentle, understanding and patient. She has a calm and serene energy, which immediately puts me at ease the second I walk into her office. She is giving with her time, and most of all, she is kind. She lets me set the pace of our sessions. Sometimes I have no idea what I need on a given day, but she will take her time with me, listen to me, and help guide me with setting intentions for our sessions and identify what we need to work on and how.

My sessions with Renee have also been able to unlock surges of creativity, which for anyone who is blocked or feels generally stuck, it is an amazing thing. The results of these creative surges actually birthed my own brand! It's really incredible! I cannot recommend Renee enough!
- Sarah K.
New York
Renee is wonderful! I feel that she understands me, and based on what I'm going through puts me through series of super effective hypnosis exercises in order to help me sort through whatever challenge I'm working through. From both work and personal life perspectives, I come out of each session feeling lighter and more in control of my life. Renee truly has a gift, and I'm so thankful to have discovered her!
Bethany O.
New York
I have had a few sessions with Renee, and she really tailors each session to what I need. Yesterday I needed to feel grounded and aligned, and the meditation she led me through, and exercises were profound. I left feeling so much better than when I walked in. It was the re-set I needed. Renee is deeply intuitive and her heart centered approach is so appreciated.
Emma M.
New York
I knew I found the right person soon into my first session with Renee. She has a very peaceful and calm energy and is a patient, intuitive, and compassionate spiritual healer.

Renee has the rare talent to help you get out of feeling stuck. I found my visit to her very helpful, and would highly recommend her. I’m looking forward to going back for more of Renee’s wonderful works!
- Lisa S.
New York
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