Hi, my name is Renée.
I am an intuitive coach who helps creative individuals, executives and entrepreneurs develop resilience and access their intuition for personal development and spiritual growth. To manage stress, transform fear, and activate their soul's purpose.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

- Steve Jobs



Spiritual practices and mind-body strategies to find your authentic self, create healthier mindsets, and live a life you love.


Live from your heart's desire and transform your life.

Many of us feel trapped, powerless or victims of situations we cannot control. But we all have the power to change. And before we can, we need a map that shows us the way and what to do to stay can on track. Learn how to live from your heart's desire, achieve your goals and live a life you love. The world needs us now, empower yourself, tap into your personal magic and see what you're capable of.

Do you have trouble sleeping?
Find it hard to sleep through the night?


If you having trouble sleeping you are in good company. My meditations have helped thousands of people around the world fall and stay asleep.


Learn how you can experience deep sleep while healing through your body's energy centers, or Chakras. Embodying your sleep practice while you surrender into a blissful sleep.


S.R., Soulpreneur,
Investment Banking

New York

S.K., Marketing Director
New York

V.S., C.F.O.
Insurance, New York

I was interested in trying meditation and hypnotherapy to help me manage my anxiety and give myself an alternative, yet productive way of getting through a difficult time.


As soon as I started communicating with Renee to set up my first appointment, I knew I was in the right hands.Renee is intuitive, spiritual, gentle, understanding and patient. She has a calm and serene energy, which immediately puts me at ease the second I walk into her office. She is giving with her time, and most of all, she is kind. She lets me set the pace of our sessions. Sometimes I have no idea what I need on a given day, but she will take her time with me, listen to me, and help guide me with setting intentions for our sessions and identify what we need to work on and how. My sessions with Renee have also been able to unlock surges of creativity, which for anyone who is blocked or feels generally stuck, it is an amazing thing. The results of these creative surges actually birthed my own brand! It's really incredible! I cannot recommend Renee enough!

Having directly worked with Renee for the past year, I’ve experienced compounding benefits of greater clarity (personally & professionally).


She shares enhanced tools to maintain balanced perspectives (especially during uncertain times), and, an exceptionally warm, inviting, and safe space to uncover old patterns that have outlived their use.  Her unique background, open-mindedness, and compassion create an explosive combination for growth and self-determination without any pressure tactics or falsity.  I’m grateful for our continued work together.


The old patterns of pushing for success and having to be in control were no longer working. I wanted something more. I wanted to know myself, to hear my own inner voice and to allow my soul to lead me. Renee has helped me to understand, trust and accept myself on a deeper level.

Throughout the sessions, Renee has creatively utilized different solutions depending on our discussion and provided tools for self reflection.


I have been fascinated by the Soul’s Archetype and how she translates the astrological charts into relevant information that has helped me to understand myself on such a deeper level. Renee's flexible style allows for sessions to be a continuation of the previous session or spontaneous.


I have been impressed at how I can come to a session with new information with seemingly unrelated events and she can intuitively develop the events into a bigger picture that suddenly makes sense.  Working with Renee has given me a sense of sure footedness and a sense of freedom from having to control my life to allowing and embracing the life I love. It’s a pleasure working with Renee - she is passionate, caring and intuitive.


I love creating meditations that elevate someone's
awareness of themselves and find more freedom in their lives.
To cultivate self compassion, healing, insight
and empowerment.