Franco Cefalo

Packasport, CEO

Renee's Soul + Brand Course is a beautifully comprehensive process that helped me uncover some incredibly valuable insights.  We embarked on a series of heart-centered exercises to identify the main personality traits of my company. By gaining a profound understanding of our core values, I am able to better craft marketing campaigns that truly represent who we are as a brand.  

Renee also helped shape the look and feel of our logo and website to position our product as the "high end brand" in our market.  Her guidance was spot on and we are thrilled with our new profile.  This insight is proving helpful for our immediate next steps as well as our long term aspirational direction. I am so grateful for having done this work.  It has been deeply meaningful for my company as well as for my personal growth.

There is no experience quite as enjoyable as working with someone that gets it!  They get you, they get your brand and they intuitively connect with both to deliver designs that capture the essence and soul of the brand.  I highly recommend working with Renee if you desire connection, compassion, professionalism and great design and brand/organizational strategy.

Bradley Thomason,

Potentialized, BAMM

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