"Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time."

- Elon Musk

Understand your soul's archetype and take
your self and your brand to the next level


Your brand is the part of you, you project out into the world. It is a vehicle for who you are and represents the heart and soul of your business. Led by your vision, fulfilled by your mission - your brand is also an extension of you. An expression of your wants, desires, inspirations and values, and, it all starts with your intention.

And AstroBrand Profile will help you get clearer on our intention by providing you with a stronger sense of your soul's mission and your personal archetypes. This will shed light on your strengths as well as challenges to help you transform. You will also understand your essential brand energy to step into who you are becoming. This is a necessary step before rebranding your website, creating a logo or sigil for empowerment.

AstromaTherapy is a process that will create your personalized aromatic blend to support your intention, goals and and life purpose. Drawing from the science of aromatherapy and the art of astrology, together we custom craft a synergy scent particular to your desire and actions. Using your soul’s astrological blueprint through your horoscope we are able to source valuable information to align particular plant aromas to support your core essence. 

Get the clarity and support you need to pivot,
grow with confidence and manifest your intention.

January Special Price of $697

This price includes a month of growth and personal development, including:

  • 3 brand coaching sessions

  • your AstroBrand profile with

    • soul archetypes

    • essential brand energy

  • a defined intention and declaration

  • core values

  • brand statement


  • 2 astroma sessions

  • signature brand scent in your choice

    • diffuser, roller ball or salve

Renee Rotkopf

Renee is an intuitive coach with over 20 years experience as an award winning creative director and marketing professional. Her soulful coaching method uses holistic and spiritual strategies to help individuals, soulpreneurs and business leaders live an empowered life. She inspires authentic change by transforming limiting beliefs and creating growth mindsets. She is also a brand coach who has developed a method called Soul + Brand. She incorporates soulful coaching and astrology to define her clients's unique soul archetypes and helps them get clearer on who they are and who they are becoming.

Camellia Lee

Camellia (aka Cam Hands) is a licensed massage therapist and well practitioner for over 10 years and is a grounded, powerful healer. She is also the creator of Root and Resin, an aromatherapy company that brings health and wellbeing through the healing intelligence of plant botanicals. Camellia is an alchemist, who taps into her knowledge of aromatherapy and astrology to create customized AstromaTherapy sessions. These personalized sessions define and design someone's unique brand signature scent. Camellia has developed brand scents for individuals and businesses, including The Graham in Pheonicia and Herwood Inn in Woodstock, New York.