Sleep is one of the most important and yet least understood aspects of our lives. We spend almost half of our day sleeping, trying to sleep… or worrying that we didn’t get enough sleep. 

Due to the COVID-19, we need to take better care of our bodies and our minds. Sleep is essential to our well being and longevity. When we do not get enough sleep it can affect our mental function, memory, mood, metabolism, and even our immune system. And at this time, a strong immune system is your best investment.


I know how important sleep is first hand and created this course to share my techniques with you. This course is a ten session meditative journey through the energy centers of the body, also known as the chakras. The chakras connect to the nervous system as well as endocrine system and communicate to every part of our being. Each ritual will help you dive into the sensations of the body and enable you to become more intimate with the deeper parts of yourself. As you tune into each energy center you will learn how to manage stress and anxiety, transform the beliefs connected to them, then calm, release and heal at the deepest level of the unconscious mind.

And featuring Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment by J.S. Epperson, to help us go deeper and deeper into the Delta state. Experience profound rest at night and more peace during the day, as you surrender into a blissful sleep.

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Brian, Illinois

This was an excellent course to do at night before sleep. I liked the ambient music and the focus on the energy centers in and around my body. Thank you. 

Delphine, New York

​I would wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety, unable to go back to sleep. I found Renee's voice to be soothing, her words full of wisdom and the background sounds calming. Often I didn't even have time to listen to a full meditation, as I would fall asleep before the end. Renee's sleep course is your way back to a blissful sleep!

Jean, California

Beautifully done. Simple and heartfelt. It was honestly slow going because I would do each day multiple times because I had drifted off to sleep the night before. A very positive problem. Thank you for that.