The Power of Sound

Our bodies are made of cells and at the quantum or subatomic level - we are energy. We are the electrons that power cells and the electromagnetic in between. And, so is all of what we know as matter, at a deeper level - is really energy.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

And frequency determines the type of energy it is. It establishes the vibratory rate which can effect our emotions, thoughts and bodies.

As many of us aware, thanks to personal experience and scientific research, meditation can have a hugely powerful, positive impact on our overall wellbeing and health. Meditation places us in a relaxed, focused, state of heightened awareness which puts us in the zone. The zone is not only relaxing but allows for learning new things as well. As attention increases and feel good hormones run free, your body regulates itself better, becoming more balanced, efficient and whole.

And while meditation does all of these amazing things, so does something called “brainwave entrainment”. Brainwave entrainment uses Delta, Alpha that Theta waves that tunes the frequency of your brain to an optimal state automatically. And theta frequency, or waves does a lot at a deep level. Theta promotes mind, body healing by helping to integrate our emotions and our thoughts. Which helps our immune system, reduces stress and anxiety. It promotes deep relaxation through a trance-like meditation, increasing intuition, subconscious connection, and allows you to consciously reprogram your unconscious. To those of us familiar with hypnosis - this state is very similar to that of a hypnosis state and, they work well together.

Experience my Intention Meditation using theta vibrations

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Hear one my favorite magical music makers, J.S. Epperson and his

special brainwave entrainment.

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