Creative Mind Coaching explores what is possible. By tapping into your creative consciousness, revealing hidden parts of yourself to experience a greater sense of wholeness. This intuitive blend of hypnosis, meditation, astrology and spirituality will help you think outside the box of limiting beliefs, and help you access your creative potential.


Hypnosis about finding a greater sense of happiness from within and living a fuller life. Situations in life leave us feeling powerless or stuck. Hypnosis is about change, its a proactive approaching to healing, enabling you to access your unique inner guidance system. Getting to the heart of an issue and exploring creative solutions to find more peace, joy and possibility. Hypnosis helps you shift by establishing a stronger mind-body connection, empowering you to consciously work with your unconscious patterns. Benefits can include more peace and less stress and anxiety, freedom from unwanted behaviors, a deeper connection with self and supporting your body’s healing process.


Astrology is a valuable system of information that enables you to understand your relationship to yourself, others and the world. It speaks to trends as well as cosmic timing, while providing you a compass to navigate your life path.


The eyes are the mirror of the soul and our inner eye holds our deep memories from this life and beyond. Similar to past life regression, soul regression gets in us touch with our timeless self. Each session is unique as we explore our energetic connections to the past, revealing insights for our present future.


Breathwork is an ancient practice that enables you to connect more deeply with yourself and your innate inner wisdom to heal. It is an intimate experience that can enable a profound shift within you.We are our own best healers, but sometimes we get overwhelmed by situations in our lives. Your breath is all you need to remove blocks, fears and anxiety. It will also enable you to access your intuitive wisdom and and experience clarity and euphoria. If you're going through a transition or want to establish a deeper relationship with yourself, Breathwork is a powerful tool for healing.


The Pandora Star is a hypnogogic light journey that is similar to a psychedelic experience. However it is much shorter and you are always in control. Many say light is information, and this light facilitates a transpersonal experience that can take you into deeper states of expanded consciousness. Used with self hypnosis and neurolinguistics the Pandora Star is a powerful light entrainment device, using brainwaves states to help you transform your mind into more positive states. Some of the program benefits are:


deep relaxation, stress management, pain reduction, anxiety reduction, depression management, sleep Improvement, deep meditation, creative visualization, enhanced learning, personal development, psychic awareness and even astral travel,.

This work is a supplement, not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, clinical depression or suicidal thoughts,
please seek help from an experienced mental health practitioner who can monitor your treatment within a mental health plan. Thank you.


A safe space to empower your intention; includes discussion, hypnosis and guided meditation.

Single Session


75 Minutes


90 Minutes



Taking your commitment further, these packages provide a cost savings as we continue to focus on your intention.

Package of 3



75 Minutes

Package of 5



75 Minutes


90 Minutes


90 Minutes

Soul Regression

Similar to a past life regression, this 2 hour creative process will enable you to go deeper within your psyche, establishing a closer connection to your soul. Tapping into your unique personal archetypes, you will be able to access relevant insights for your life now.

Single Session


120 Minutes

Self Hypnosis Recording

After getting to know you and understanding your needs, I will create a customized, recording for your personal practice. This will enable you to transform on your time, and at anytime.

Single Audio



30 minute recording