Hypnosis & Coaching Services


Hypnosis is a creative process that enables you to make real changes in your life. Sessions will help you remove blocks and move past limiting beliefs. So you can make healthier choices for your body, mind and soul. Including feeling better, breaking habits, reducing anxiety, finding peace, sleeping better and living a life you love.


A safe space to empower your intention; includes discussion, hypnosis and guided meditation.

Single Session


75 Minutes


90 Minutes



Taking your commitment further, these packages provide a cost savings as we continue to focus on your intention.

Package of 3



75 Minutes

Package of 5



75 Minutes


90 Minutes


90 Minutes

Soul Regression

Similar to a past life regression, this 2 hour creative process will enable you to go deeper within your psyche, establishing a closer connection to your soul. Tapping into your unique personal archetypes, you will be able to access relevant insights for your life now.

Single Session


120 Minutes

Self Hypnosis Recording

After getting to know you and understanding your needs, I will create a customized, recording for your personal practice. This will enable you to transform on your time, and at anytime.

Single Audio



30 minute recording

This work is a supplement, not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, clinical depression or suicidal thoughts,
please seek help from an experienced mental health practitioner who can monitor your treatment within a mental health plan. Thank you.

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