Sometimes it not easy to turn off the mind, and simply fall asleep. We might replay things that happened in the past, or worry about what could happen in the future. Or, make lists so that we stay on top of the next day. But what if you  trusted your subconscious mind to handle it all, and remind you of what you need when you need it? If you did, you might just find yourself drifting into the sea of deep sleep, only to wake feeling recharged and ready. 

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This is my Go To when I awaken in the middle of the night. I don't take sleeping pills anymore.


California, USA

Lovely and I fall asleep before it ends every time. This is helping me solve for my anxiety and depression. Thank you.


Florence, Oregon

This was the best guided meditation I have encountered this far. Thoroughly enjoyed the visual queues. Keep them coming!


Newark, NJ

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