Do you feel stuck? Know its time for a transformation but not sure how to put it into action?
This course is for you. Learn how to co-create with the divine energy of life. 


Discover how to harness your personal magic and move past limiting beliefs in this 10 session, micro-coaching course. For 15 minutes each day you will dive into the heart of intention, discovering the fascinating connections between spirituality and science, and between the universe and ourselves. To understand how powerful you are, expand your mind to what is possible and become a greater co-creator in the world.


Join me and explore your possibilities.

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A very beautiful course that gives you powerful information and the steps you need to start creating your life.


Bremen, Germany

Great class! Nice combination of quotes, ideas, quiet time, and length. I highly recommend! 


New York, USA

Whether you are new to inner exploration or a continual seeker, Renee will guide you to the richest part of yourself. If you want awaken to your higher self, Co- Creating a life you love is for you. She knows exactly how to take you by the hand and lead you to your own treasure trove. Thank you Renee!


New Jersey, USA

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