awaken your path to success


November 18 – 20, 2016


This retreat is designed to deeply connect you with your higher purpose and to help you successfully manifest it here on earth. Whether you want to grow your own business, turn your passion project into a career or deeply transform your life, you will receive the tools and lifetime practices necessary to take your business and life to the next level of success and abundance.


Through exploring your astrological career signature, you will discover your inner strengths, talents, challenges and personal strategies for success. And most importantly, learn the key strategies of how to work with and heal your personal limitations in life and on the job. Discover your core archetype in business, your unique personal marketing style, your trademark company culture and who to hire; all based on your cosmic signature.

Rebecca will guide you in an in-depth exploration of your astrological career and money chart and share her go-to cosmic timing strategies for starting and sustaining a thriving business.

Rebecca Gordon
Astrologer, Author, Business Coach


Renee will guide you through the alchemical process of trusted branding techniques to clarify your intention, define your vision, establish core values, and create a powerful mission statement, – the pinnacle of every successful business.

Renee Rotkopf
Soul Coach, Brand Shaman


Through this dynamic process, we will excavate your true values, goals, and cosmic signature for success.  We will assist you with powerful exercises to surpass your subconscious limitations and break through the ‘financial glass ceiling’ so as to clear the way for greater abundance in your life and business. With these core building blocks, you will be able to define, create and manifest your vision from the place of soul.

  • Your personalized Soul Brand Book, to grow your brand

  • A soul mantra & sigil that will become your alchemical logo of intention

  • A trusted roadmap of your soul and business identity that will stand as your go-to guide and center-point for years to come.

  • Astrology chart, highlighting your cosmic career signature and money map.

  • Hypnosis-infused meditations and EFT to work through limiting beliefs

  • Personalized soul business strategies for your success

  • An ‘Astrology for Entrepreneurs’ Calendar for the year ahead, syncing your business calendar and life-style to align and succeed

  • Intentional Yoga to deepen and embody your transformation

  • Lake and hiking trails to explore in free time

  • Delicious organic food for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Premier spa services at Menla

  • Ceremonial fire

The Menla Mountain Retreat Center, 2 1/2 hours north of NYC. Set on a 325-acre private nature reserve, Menla is 1500 feet above sea level with views of the ancient forested mountains nestled between rushing streams and rivers. Get car and bus information here.

Prices & Accommodations

Get your tickets now and save $100.

  • Now - October 1: $450 shared room / $580 single deluxe

  • October 2 - November 18: $550 shared room / $680 single deluxe

Rebecca Gordon is a renowned NYC astrologer, horoscope columnist at Harper’s Bazaar with a penchant for helping individuals step into their life purpose. She guides with cosmic timing giving you a road map for your business and life for the year to come. Rebecca is the founder and creator of the "My Path Astrology School"; and teaches year round classes. Her newly released astrology book titled, Your Body and the Stars features the intersection between health, the body and astrology. To find out more about Rebecca and her school, or to book a reading, go to

Renee Rotkopf is a 20-year brand alchemist, soul coach and meditation teacher. Certified in Integrative Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Psychology, she coaches the unconscious and the soul. She has launched countless brands, including being the founder and former Executive Director of The Wedding Party. The Wedding Party is an organization that changed the conversation around gay marriage through branding, awareness and event marketing. Most recently Renee is integrating her life long love of spiritual studies with branding principles to create this soul-centered experience.