At the center of your being you have the answer;

you know who you are and what you want to become. 

Are you searching for more meaning in your life?
Do you want to reach greater levels of success and happiness?

Are you a business leader who has is ready to go deeper?

Then you've come to the right place.


Many of us have dreams, unfulfilled passions and a desire to heal ourselves on a deeper level. We want to do great things, yet feel stuck, limited by circumstances or unconscious thought patterns. But the truth is, we are more powerful than we realize.

Renee is an intuitive coach who helps people to connect to their soul's wisdom to feel more clarity, wholeness and success. She can help you explore your soul's potential, and go beyond limiting beliefs and to help you transform yourself and your circumstances. Her brand of Soulful Coaching is a blend of spiritual practices and proven techniques that will expand your creative consciousness.

She will help you see yourself and your life in new way. Soulful Coaching is an integrated process that uses neurolinguistics, meditation, hypnosis, breathwork and astrology. Renee integrates these modalities to give you a better sense of who you are, and helps you unlock your potential - to achieve greater levels of happiness, success and healing. ​

Individual Sessions

Renee customizes each session based on your needs and uses her range of modalities including guided meditation, neurolinguistics, hypnosis, breathwork and astrology to provide you with insight and tools to help you create a shift in your life. Including:

  • a stronger mind body connection

  • less stress, anxiety and fear

  • reprogram bad habits, cravings and addictions

  • establish a supportive healing environment within

  • healthier relationships to others

Soul Purpose Package

This 10 session package will help you understand yourself at a deeper level. You will gain clarity by understanding your strengths, challenges, lessons and gifts. And provide you with practical tools to create a change in your life. Including:

  • enhance your intuition

  • explore your soul's archetypes

  • understand conscious & unconscious motivations

  • heal old wounds and limiting beliefs

  • establish your authentic growth mindsets

  • empower yourself to create a life you love

Having directly worked with Renee for the past year, I’ve experienced compounding benefits of greater clarity (personally & professionally).


She shares enhanced tools to maintain balanced perspectives (especially during uncertain times), and, an exceptionally warm, inviting, and safe space to uncover old patterns that have outlived their use.  Her unique background, open-mindedness, and compassion create an explosive combination for growth and self-determination without any pressure tactics or falsity.  I’m grateful for our continued work together.


The old patterns of pushing for success and having to be in control were no longer working. I wanted something more. I wanted to know myself, to hear my own inner voice and to allow my soul to lead me. Renee has helped me to understand, trust and accept myself on a deeper level.

S.R., Soulpreneur,
Investment Banking

New York

Renee is wonderful! I feel that she understands me, and based on what I'm going through puts me through a series of super effective hypnosis exercises in order to help me sort through whatever challenge I'm working through.


From both work and personal life perspectives, I come out of each session feeling lighter and more in control of my life. Renee truly has a gift, and I'm so thankful to have discovered her!

S.R., Soulpreneur,
Investment Banking

New York

Throughout the sessions, Renee has creatively utilized different solutions depending on our discussion and provided tools for self reflection.

I have been fascinated by the Soul’s Archetype and how she translates the astrological charts into relevant information that has helped me to understand myself on such a deeper level. Renee's flexible style allows for sessions to be a continuation of the previous session or spontaneous.


I have been impressed at how I can come to a session with new information with seemingly unrelated events and she can intuitively develop the events into a bigger picture that suddenly makes sense.  Working with Renee has given me a sense of sure footedness and a sense of freedom from having to control my life to allowing and embracing the life I love. It’s a pleasure working with Renee - she is passionate, caring and intuitive.

S.R., Soulpreneur,
Investment Banking

New York

This work is a supplement, not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, clinical depression or suicidal thoughts,
please seek help from an experienced mental health practitioner who can monitor your treatment within a mental health plan. Thank you.