What keeps you up at night?

Whether it's your job, relationship, COVID10, politics or your future - we all lose sleep because our minds are racing... our internal processors are on over-drive, caught between fear and trying to figure it all out.


But sleep is essential to our well being

Sleep is actually a health practice. And a good night's sleep enables your mind and body to rejuvenate and heal while you sleep. When we do not get enough sleep it can affect our mental function, memory, mood, metabolism and immune system. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it's that healthy practices and a strong immune system is our best defense.


But what make this different?

There are many great techniques and meditations out there that will help you sleep, but what makes this course different is understanding your body's energy and the beliefs inside of that energy. In this course you will learn to use the energy of your body and "embody" your sleep practice by tuning into the energy centers of your nervous system, also known as the Chakras and listen to what they have to say… so you can release that energy and surrender into sleep. Sound good?

Enjoy My Grounding Meditation FREE

10 Rituals for a Blissful Sleep is a 10 session guided meditative journey through the chakras. The chakras connect to the nervous system and communicate to every part of our being. You will experience first hand what they feel like and the belief patterns they are connected to. Each ritual will help you dive into the sensations of the body and become more intimate with the deeper parts of yourself.  You will learn how to manage stress and release anxiety though your breath. And, transform your beliefs and heal at the deepest level of the unconscious mind.

10 Rituals for a Blissful Sleep features the healing vibrations of Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment by J.S. Epperson. Using the slow, low-frequency brainwaves of Delta frequencies to shift your brain into a deep sleep pattern instantly.


Listen to at your own pace in your own way. Download this course as an album and also receive the Blissful Sleep Guide. Just click on the album button to experience profound rest at night and more peace during the day, as you surrender into a blissful sleep.

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My Story

I had always been a solid sleeper, and would just need a few minutes to wind down and then I was out like a light. But when I made the decision to leave my the corporate world to pursue my passion everything changed. 


Following my heart's calling, triggered so many fears, including the BIG one, financial instability. This transition resulted in many restless nights where I would find myself wide awake - and in a state of panic. As you can imagine, this anxiety was not helpful for my new career as a coach, hypnotherapist and meditation teacher - it was time to put my training to the test.

Each night, I would turn my attention to my breath and the inner sensations of my body so I could become more intimate with my energy centers. I knew that so much of my stress and tension was trapped in my unconscious mind - and my body.  The energy centers of the body are also called the chakras - and they are directly connection to your spine, nervous system and endocrine system - which produces the chemical messengers in your body responsible for - everything! This practice ultimately shifted my erratic sleep pattern and enabled me to access deeper peace and sound sleep.


I would wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety, unable to go back to sleep. When I found her sleep course, her meditations became the bedtime story I needed.  I found Renee's voice to be soothing, her words full of wisdom and the background sounds calming. Often I didn't even have time to listen to a full meditation, as I would fall asleep before the end. Renee's sleep course is your way back to a blissful sleep!


Brooklyn, New York

This was an excellent course to do at night before sleep. I liked the ambient music and the focus on the energy centers in and around my body. Thank you. 


Wilmette, IL, United States

Great course. I haven’t fallen asleep that quick in ages.


Minnesota, USA

A wonderful course and so helpful. I am continuing to work through it again. Thank you.


Ashford, UK

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