What keeps you up at night?

These days, it could be anything. A lack of sleep can affect our mental function, memory, mood, metabolism and even immune system. And, if there is one thing this pandemic has taught us - it's that healthy practices and a strong immune system is our best defense. That's why I created this sleep course called 10 Rituals for a Blissful Sleep.

What make this course different?

There are many great techniques and meditations out there that will help you sleep, but 10 Rituals for a Blissful Sleep will help you tune into and understand your body's energy and deeper beliefs. This course will teach you how to embody your sleep practice -  so you can use this practice anytime, even if you're not listening to a sleep meditation.

10 Rituals for a Blissful Sleep is a series of guided meditative journeys that will take you through each your energy centers, also known as the chakras. This is essential, because the chakras are connected to your brain, spine, nervous system and endocrine system - which produces the chemical messengers in your body responsible for everything! Each ritual will teach you about each chakra, and enable you to dive into the sensations of your body and learn how to calm stress, release anxiety and transform fear at the deepest level of your unconscious mind.


Plus, ​this course features the healing vibrations of Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment by J.S. Epperson. Using the slow, low-frequency brainwaves of Delta frequencies to shift your brain into a deep sleep pattern instantly. Sound good so far?

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Surrender into a blissful sleep and experience profound rest at night and more peace during the day.


My Story​

I was a creative director in advertising for over 20 years. And while most of it I enjoyed, I also longed for work that felt more meaningful. Then one day I answered this greater calling, and left my job to create work that would help people grow and heal.


But, deciding to leave the comforts of the corporate world to pursue my passion turned my world upside down. This transition resulted in tremendous fear, financial instability and many restless nights where I would find myself in a state of panic. As you can imagine, this anxiety was not helpful in building my new career as an intuitive coach and meditation teacher. So it was time to put my training to the test. 


I knew the unconscious mind was in the body and I used the chakras as a path to help me access my stress and the beliefs that were attached to it. Each night, I would turn my awareness to my breath and the inner sensations of my body, and learned how to surrender to sleep.

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