Renee Rotkopf

Coaching . Astrology . Meditation 

I am a creative life coach who can help you step outside the box of limitations, and align your heart, mind and intention for success.

After 20 years as a creative director, I tap into the creative consciousness and quantum field of potential to help my clients think outside the box of limitations. Creating shifts in their life with evidence based approaches and mind-body strategies like coaching, hypnosis, n.l.p., regression therapy, guided meditation, energy healing, astrology and branding.


How does branding fit into all of this?
I developed a transformational method called Soul + Brand,
a powerful process of deep inner discovery that uses astrology to help people find their soul's mission, re-imagine their future and rebrand their life. Designed for soulpreneurs who want to turn their dream into a reality. 

I am also co-founder of SoulBeing Wellness in NYC, a boutique wellness collective for the body, mind and soul. I work with clients in person, online and over the phone and offer private sessions and workshops.

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Renee Rotkopf  .  Creative Life Coach   .   Brand Alchemist


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