Many of us have dreams, unfulfilled passions and a desire to heal ourselves on a deeper level. We want to do great things, yet feel stuck, limited by circumstances or unconscious thought patterns. But the truth is, we are more powerful than we realize.

Formally a creative director in advertising, I believe in the power of the mind and the ability to change through creative thinking. As a creative mind coach, I help clients create new mind sets by providing a safe healing space to explore their innate intuitive wisdom. And, align their heart, mind and intention in positive, productive ways.


I guide clients to reveal hidden patterns, move past challenges, and step outside the box of limiting beliefs. Tapping into the creative consciousness and field of potential to create shifts in mind and body.

I am certified in Integrative Hypnosis, Spiritual Psychology, and Coaching the Subconscious Mind. And, with over 20 years as a brand expert in advertising, I use branding a tool for change. Enabling clients to re-write their story, rebrand their lives, and step into the person they are becoming. I also use astrology to help clients gain greater perspective about themself and their relationship to life.

I work with clients in person, online and over the phone. I am a workshop leader and co-founder of SoulBeing Wellness in NYC, a boutique wellness collective for the body, mind and soul.

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